About Me

As an Artist:
I recorded my first tracks in my parents’ attic back in the early nineties – the heady halcyon days of Orbital, house music in Sir Henry’s Club Cork, Leftfield and The Chemical Brothers- all of whom melded to influence my style as the century turned and sounds evolved. My first love was the Casio CZ-5000 synthesiser, and my desire to understand music more deeply led me to veer away from my training in electronics and into a Diploma in Sound at CSN, followed by the Degree in Music at University College Cork. As a full time lecturer my passion for sound, composition and teaching through blogging remains. My newest creations are an atmospheric mix of vintage imagery and old strings over textured rhythms ebbing and flowing – influenced by my new coastal surroundings with its rich birdsong layered with sounds of land and crashing sea, old and new. Finally feeling at home, my latest EP release “We are Children” is an expression of a nostalgic past meeting a contented present.

Production/ Engineering:
You may have found my site via Irelandlookup.com This site is basically spam, and very much out of date. Almost none of the services it lists are current. During the summer months I sometimes help my friends in the studio, but I have not operated commercially as a producer/ engineer since 2006. But feel free to get in touch for a recommendation, many of my students and friends are excellent producer/ engineers 🙂

Here is a link to a full list of my Works, Research and CV.