Gear List

Yamaha MLA7 8 channel mic pre (modified for even lower noise).
Shure M268 4 channel mic pre (modified for separate outputs).
Frontier Alphatrack mixer controller.

5.1 Surround Monitoring:
Event 20/20 stereo main monitors.
Quad 405 current dumping power amp* (upgraded to better than Mk2 status).
Mission 701 centre and LFE speakers with Sony TA-242  amplifier.
Eltax rear speakers with modified Logitech Class D amplifier.
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 gen. 1
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 gen. 2
Sennheiser HD-25 II headphones

Audio Technica AT-2020 Condenser
Audio Technica MB3000L (bright dynamic, good for Beatles piano sound)
5 x generic contact microphones
Sennheiser E815 dynamic
Sony ECM 717 (great sounding mini stereo mic, converted to balanced and phantom powered)
Parabolic Microphone
Tandy PZM x3 (ping!)
Zoom H2 mk.1

Digitech Vocalist II (very cool harmony processor)
Alesis Air FX
Barcus Berry Super Booster
Humanscale Task Chair
Korg Kaoss Pad 1
Korg Kaoss Pad 2
QuikLok PB-248 patchbay

Celemony Melodyne DNA
DDMF LP10 Linear Phase mastering eq
DDMF Metaplugin
Focusrite Red Plugin Suite
Massey Tapehead analogue tape simulator
Massey L2007 mastering limiter
Massey DTM (drum replacement)
Mellowmuse IR-1 convolution reverb (with custom IRs)
SoundToys Echoboy
SoundToys Little AlterBoy
Korg MD-EX multi effects

Hackintosh Asus MB, 3GHz Intel Core i7, 32GB 2133MHz RAM, 500GB PCIe, 2 x 2TB SSD, LG 27UL600 UHD 4K IPS Monitor.
Satechi Bluetooth keyboard
Apple Magic Mouse
Avid Pro Tools 2019.12
Reaper 6.x
Mac OS X 10.14.6 Mojave
Steinberg Cubase SX4 and Nuendo (for importing old Cubase projects to Pro Tools)
Propellerheads Recycle
Propellerheads Reason
Ableton Live 11
Sound Quest MIDIQuest XL 10

Electro/ Acoustic Instruments:
Columbus Crest acoustic, rosewood sides, plywood top (LH)
Emile Auberon upright overstrung piano.
Eavestaff Mini Piano.
Hofner reissue Beatles bass (LH).
Hugh Treacy Kalimba

Software instruments :
Arturia V Collection 8
AIR AIEP3 Select Instrument Pack
Ddmf Metaplugin
G-Media M-Tron (includes all 3 tape banks)
G-Media Imposcar 2
Korg Legacy Digital (M1, Wavestation)
Korg Legacy MS20
Melodyne Studio
Pianoteq Standard with-
Steinway Model D, Harp, K2 Grand Piano, Grotrian Concert Hall, Electric Pianos.
Native Instruments Komplete 11
Waldorf Wave 2.V
Waldorf Wave 3.0
Waldorf Attack
Waldorf D-Pole

NI Kontakt 6.
UVI Workstation.
Casio SK-5 with Highly Liquid MIDI.
Casio FZ-1 with Lotharek drive.

Abbey Road Drums
Acoustic Samples Sunbird
Akai S-3000 factory library
Audio Pervert Drums
Bob Clearmountain Drums 1
Dance Industrial II
Denny Jaeger Strings S1000
Denny Jaeger Private Collection
Digital Domain Fairlight IIx
East- West Dance Industrial II (Akai)
East- West Percussive Adventures (Akai)
East- West Ultimate Piano Vol.1 (Akai)
Einstein Vols. 1+ 2 (Akai)
Eminent PS275
Emulator II factory library
Emulator II Burmer
Emulator II FMS
Emulator II Northstar
Emulator II OMI Universe of Sound
E-mu Emax II Elements 2+3,
E-mu Emax II Universe Vol. 4
E-mu EIIIx Vol. 1 Emulator Standards
E-mu EIIIx Vol. 2 Emulator Standards
E-mu EIIIx Vol. 3 Orchestral
E-mu EIIIx Vol. 4 Sound FX
E-mu EIIIx Vol. 6 World Percussion/Ensembles
E-mu EIIIx Vol. 7 E-mu Classics
E-mu EIIIx Vol. 8 Vintage
E-mu EIIIx Vol. 12 Production Sound Set
E-mu EIIIx Vol. 13 Dance 2000
E-mu EIIIx Vol. 14 General MIDI
E-mu Protozoa
E-mu Analog Oddysey
E-mu Earth Tones
E-mu Producer Series 1 to 6
E-mu Platinum Phatt
Erdenklang CMI II library
Fairlight CMI IIx factory library v1 and v2.
Fairlight CMI III factory library
Greytsounds (Emax II)
Hollowsun Novachord
Hollowsun Yamaha CP-70
Hollowsun Stylophone
Hollowsun Bass Station
Hollowsun Buddhist Percussion
Hollowsun INIL Choir
Hollowsun Novachord
Hollowsun small piano
Hollowsun Vermona
Hollowsun Xmas Dotcom
Hollowsun Yamaha FS1R
Ilio Synclavier Essentials Vol.1
JJ Jeczalik’s Art of Sampling
Kontakt 4.0 and 5 factory libraries, Session Strings, Vintage Organs, West Africa, Studio Drummer, Retro Machines.
Kontakt Vienna Symphonic Library.
Scarbee Funk Guitarist, MM-Bass, Vintage Keys.
madtheory Upright Pianos
madtheory Casio CZ
madtheory Casio VZ
madtheory Roland D-50
Masterbits 500
Masterbits Orchestra Vol.4 (by Peter Siedlaczek)
Masterbits Hallelujiah vocals
Mega Beats drum machine collection
Museum of Synthesizer Technology
M-Tron Tapes 1, 2 and 3
Mike Pinder Mellotron
Nemesis Gigapiano
Nicebeats Kurzweil K2500
OMI Sonic Images Vol.2 (Emax II)
Optigan / Orchestron / Talentmaker- The Optical Organ Toolkit
Percussive Adventures
Peter Siedlaczek/ Best Service- Complete Orchestral Collection
Post Organ Toolkit
Post Prepared Piano
Phantom Horns (Akai)
Precision Sound Yamaha Electone D-85
Propeller Island Mellotron
Prosonic Megabeats Collection
Prosonus Strings, Brass and Percussion (ported from Fairlight CMI)
Public Enemy Beats Collection
Retro Samplers
Scarbee Funk Guitarist
Sound Genesis strings (ported from Fairlight CMI)
Symphony of Voices (Akai)
TDTC Synclavier FM
UVI Digital Synsations
UVI Emulation One
XXL Dance Mega Drums (Akai)
XXL Ultimate Pads (Akai)
XXL String Machines (Akai)
Yamaha TX16W UK (Paul Wiffen)

Electronic Instruments:
Akai MX1000 76 note weighted controller keyboard (very nice, 1993 as used by NIN, Jarre, and The Corrs)
Alesis SR-16
Casio CT-6000
Casio CT-430
Casio VZ-10M (replaced with samples)
Casio CZ-1 synthesizer (replaced with Arturia CZV)
Casio SK-5 sampler with Highly Liquid MIDI (lo-fi, 1985)
Casio Rapman (pitch shifter from hell)
Doepfer Wheel Electronics (voltage to MIDI)
Novation KS Rack synthesizer (replaced the Yamaha CS synths, and betters them, 2003)
Novation UltraNova
Oberheim Cyclone
Oberheim Drummer
Oberheim Strummer
Roland SPD-11 drum pads/ brain (big sound, 1993)
PaiA Theremax 9505 Theremin (best sounding Theremin available, built 2000)

Giant Boulder 2003 21 speed chrome-alloy MTB, Ryde 19c wheels, Shimano HB hubs, Shimano Tourney rear derailer, Suntour chainweel.
Giant Defy 2 2012 20 speed racer, Shimano 105 calipers, Mavic Aksium wheels, Tiagra derailers, ROTOR NO Q compact chainwheel, Tiagra 28 cassette, Fizik Antares saddle.
Korg Tuner (needle)

Electronics bench:
Thandar TG102 function generator
Hitachi V-212 Oscilloscope
Maplin Temp controlled soldering iron
BEHA 93428 Multimeter