Past Production Work 2006

The Fuchsia band (2006)

• Produced their song Grá dá raibh featured on Ceol ’06Seachtain na Gaeilge’s double CD in aid of Concern, which reached number 1 in the charts. They forgot my credit though… doh!
• Fuchsia band album Grá Dá Raibh is available in all good record stores. More info on the blog.

Silver Trail  (2006)
Produced the single One Kiss. Tracked the drums in their kitchen. See blog for more info.

Animal Rescue (2006)
Audio post production Season 1, episodes 1 to 4.

Cartoon (2005)
Mix tweaks and final mastering for their 2006 album Ban the use of Jazz music. Thanks to Bob Jackson for his Jedi PT moves!

Capital of Culture 2005
•Original music, sound design and sound quality control for Solas Festival of Light, December 11th 2005, Pope’s Quay and Lavitt’s Quay. Pictures here.

Stanley Super 800
• Mixed and mastered Moonlight EP (2003).
• Mixed the album (2004), recorded some of the vocals and played synth on the track Starry. Reprogrammed many of the synth sounds, comped some of the vocals, replaced or Recycled some of the drum sounds, did a lot of editing and some denoising.
• Similar work on the 2 hours Late EP (2005).
• Forthcoming album: resolved technical issues in Stan’s studio and tracked the drums in Blue Monkey studios. Pictures here.

The Roaring Forties
Recorded, mixed and mastered their live album Swing til you die (2005). Recorded live via desk inserts of the Midas at the Savoy, Cork. Thanks to Martin Bohane for his patience. Mixed in Pro Tools at CSN (thanks to Rupert Mac for his help). Mastered in Cubase.

Accidental Tourist
•(2004) Hand-picked the band for the project and helped choose the songs for the album from Ray’s portfolio of over 100. String and trumpet arrangements; bass guitar; various synths; tablas, tambourines and shakers; engineered all sessions, vocal coaching and BVs. The album was tracked in Ray’s own space using the Amek BCII console.

The Sultans of Ping
•End credits music for the film Trying To Sell Your Soul When The Devil Won’t Listen, “a tongue in cheek music documentary in association with RTE”. It was Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer (I think!) performed by me on the madtheory sampled upright piano.

A Cork rock band, now defunct. Co-produced the album Mervyn in Toronto (2000).

Jennifer Lomasney
Co- produced, played keys and recorded six songs with this talented Cork based artist.

Rulers of the Planet
Produced the first EP (2003), first working with the band in their rehearsal room, then tracking the band with Finny in the recording at bpm studios. Read a full account here. Finally, recorded, encouraged, cajoled and comped Barry’s vocals in the madtheory studio. The EP was mixed with Mick, and a splendid time was had by all.

Grand (1999) album recorded, co-produced, co-written, mixed and mastered by Tomás. Critically acclaimed with their notorious “spadgification of U2” video for the hit single Brains.

Catchy catchy Softly Monkey (Single, 1997): engineered (with RMCM), mixed (with RMCM), keyboards/ programming, remixing. Dave Fanning’s “Best Irish single of the year”.

Other artists

  • Jimmy Crowley (editing and tuning on UnCorked album 1998)
  • Cathal Coughlan (live at the Triskel)
  • Iarla O’ Lionárd (live at the Triskel)
  • The Neff Brothers (live, production)
  • Nine Wassies (live at the Triskel)
  • Rubberneck (live in Nancy Spains)
  • Orange Fettishes (live in the Lobby)
  • Exit: Pursued by a Bear (live and mastering)
  • Subsonic (mastering)
  • Chris Aherne (production)
  • John Spillane (live at The Lodge, Mallow)
  • The Walls (live at The Lodge, Mallow)
  • Des Bishop (live at The Lodge, Mallow)
  • Juliette Turner (live at The Lodge, Mallow)