Moving to a new studio (we hope) complete with Bechstein Piano, Concert Marimbas and drum kit. I’m very excited, we can rehearse now, and record without having to pack up the gear all the time… but I am available to do live recordings, with our new 16 input Pro Tools rig. It looks like I’ll have two album projects this summer.

New track uploaded to the music page. It’s called “Numbers” because I was into the Kraftwerk tune at the time. It started out as a repeating sequence… and stayed like that for a few years (!) while I tried to develop it! But it had a mood as it was, so I just added strings and percussion. Our most played track on the radio- like, six times or something:) It’s one of those tracks that emerged from the archive of ideas, which goes back to 1990 when I first used a sequencer. For the tech heads, it’s one of the first things I did with the Kenton Pro Solo hooked up to the Yamaha CS5 synth, with Cubase 3.0 on the Atari. Back then, the archive was 5 floppy discs. Now it’s an 80 Gig drive and 50+ CDRs… we have good quality control you see…

Feck, it’s like a real blog now!

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