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Wow, it’s been an amazing few weeks! I travelled to Italy and fulfilled a lifelong ambition to visit Florence, Rome and Pompei. Inspiring! As a long time fan of Michelangelo it was amazing to see his unfinished slaves, and the David. Had a bit of an art attack when I suddenly saw them all simultaneously in one room at the Florence Academie. In the Uffizzi I fell in love with Botticelli’s ladies…

The Rennaisance blue sky, fluffy clouds and beautiful faces are still alive in Florence today. A great city.

I visited Rome while also reading Robert Harris’s novel Imperium. Amazing!

Pompei was moving, cute and inspiring. They had a city as advanced as anything today, over 2000 years ago. Fast food, takeaway, standardised measurements, perspective in paintings, geometric designs in mosaic floors, pedestrian crossings, cats eyes, proportional representation, political spin and brothels!

Selected photos of Florence, Rome and Pompei are on the images page.

I was at the Audiowarehouse show at Middlewalk studios in Nenagh. Really great studio, very nice location and superb acoustic treatment. They have my favourite speakers, the PMC IB1S2. Met some cool people.

Middlewalk photos here.

All utterly inspiring, so this will be reflected in my current crop of compositions in progress. 🙂

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