madtheory press release

M.A.D. theory or Mutual Assured Destruction was a cold war theory stating that should one superpower attack the other, both would be annihilated. It ensured that a peaceful balance was maintained.

Do we feel that this reflects the two members of the band? Two sine waves wildly out of sync, merging to form one harmonious line; each element of their personalities bringing something new and different to the other, bringing order to chaos?

No, we just thought it was a cool name, but it does evoke our formative years- the late seventies and early eighties, when nuclear war was a cloud that hung over our heads. As kids back then, we tried to imagine the future: Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Leon Theremin, Kraftwerk, Moog synths, Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, the Linn LM1 drum computer, Thomas Dolby, The Buggles, Tron, the BBC Acorn, Pong, 2000ad Futureshock.

madtheory recreates that futuristic vision from the past. The sound is retro futurism: music that acknowledges the past and moves forward into the future.

Personnel: Ken Hayes, Tomás Mulcahy.