Making Love

You all know the old saying that home cooked food tastes better, because it’s created with love.
To test this theory, scientists contracted a chef to cook two separate meals with the same ingredients. While cooking the first one, he thought only about negative things and all the stuff that makes him angry, and cursed and sweared at the food. While cooking the second meal, he thought about positive things and all the stuff that makes him happy, and whispered sweet nothings to the food. As a control, a second chef also cooked a meal with the same ingredients.

These three meals were then served to three separate groups, A B and a control group C.

group A:
80% thought the meal tasted “off”.
10% thought it was OK.
10% thought it was excellent.
Group B:
79% thought the meal was fabulous.
12% thought it was very good.
9% said it was fine.
Group C (control):
45% thought it was good.
50% thought it was OK.
5% excellent.

These results show that the old saying is now a viable scientific theory.

Scientists now believe that, by having the chef cook two meals in the same manner and carrying out a molecular measurement on each one, the molecular difference will be love in the form of matter. They are hoping that they will be able to duplicate this difference molecule in large quantities and then spread the love across the globe.

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