Phew! It’s been a while. Very busy, I’m getting married on the 27th!
The Fuschia band have finished their “the album”, it’s gone for mastering by Dandan, and they’re off to Americay on Friday.
Before they left, I made sure to make samples of “The Brian’s” “The Gibson” mandolin.
We have a distribution deal with Soundengine for our upright pianos CD, and we’re working on another set.
Posh new server with ftp and SQL and loads of other stuff I don’t understand! Clients can now upload mixes via secure ftp for mastering. And a cutey favicon!
femmepop has a famous person playing on her forthcoming album. Shhh…!
SS800 have finished the vocals. Yay!
Gear for sale- Fischmann BP100 pickup for acoustic bass, Boss HM2 distortion pedal, Gateway 15″ monitor. SOLD
Dyno album is gearing up again…

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