The Silver Age Of Wireless: The Thomas Dolby 25th Anniversary tribute album.

The Silver Age of Wireless is a project to celebrate the silver anniversary of the classic Thomas Dolby album The Golden Age of Wireless. Over the next few months we will be gathering new versions of songs from that album, re-recorded by contempory artists that have been inspired by this landmark recording. This project is your chance to show your interpretation of the Music of Thomas Dolby and we welcome anyone who wishes to contribute in any way. If you wish to submit music or artwork please contact us here. We have set up a Thomas Dolby tribute forum on our website in order to discuss ideas and help create collaborations between people interested in joining our project. This project depends on you getting involved, and the final goal is to have a collection of songs that shines new light on old classics and to be a commercial release that we can all be proud of being involved in making.
Tune in tonight…

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