What is a madtheory anyway?

It is based on facts, events, people and places that exist or have existed. You, the inventive theorist, has subsequently drawn conclusions from the data available to formulate a theory, however absurd.

It can be about anything: historical events, unsolved mysterys, aliens, nature, religion, the origin of man, science, politics, murders, ghosts, the supernatural, conspiracys, the Titanic, the moon landing, corruption or Padraig Flynn, to name just a few.

•Did man actually step on the moon or was it all an elaborate hoax?

•Is Elvis really dead?

•Have we been visited by aliens?

•Is Sophie Ellis Bextor one of them???

Here, we gather evidence for some of the wildest theories out there: the bizarre to the hilarious; the strangely believable.

We present the evidence…
you decide if you believe it or not.

2 thoughts on “What is a madtheory anyway?

  1. Can i submit anything for this blog?

    Also im a musician (synthpop) but also a model – def looking for any casting in any music film vids etc. Please let me know if you know of any in Los Angeles, thank you…i saw a photography section as well 🙂

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