Casio VZ samples for Kontakt

Like my other libraries, I created this initially for my own use. I decided the VZ was taking up valuable rackspace in my new streamlined studio, and I could better integrate my sounds in software via Kontakt. I just got tired of waiting around recording several layers of hardware synths.

So for that reason, this is a very good representation of the VZ- which is why I’ve named it “Authentic”.

Click here for demo

The Casio VZ was intended to replace the very successful CZ range. Despite having a better keyboard, more polyphony and better sound quality, it didn’t capture the imagination and was discontinued fairly quickly. The User Interface was rather unpleasant, despite having advanced features such as graphical envelope editing.

It’s a shame, because this is an FM synth with a much bigger sound than the better known Yamaha offerings. It was possible to layer up to 32 oscillators while still retaining useable polyphony. The keyboard had a pleasant action, and there were three very useable modulation wheels.

These samples comprise the best of my own sounds and a good mix of the few commercial libraries that were available. So without buying a VZ you’ll have wrung the best sounds out of this difficult beast. Again I’ve left out the usual “string” and “analogue” sounds, and kept it to the more unique sounds this synth can do. I’ve also stayed at 16 bit/ 44.1kHz because that exceeds the specifications of the VZ and allows for faster loading times.

Details: 30 multisampled patches, Download size= 398MB (Kontakt’s built in data compression used).

So I hope you enjoy the sound of this unusual synthesizer!

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