Upright Pianos for Kontakt

These sounds have been created to retain the character and atmosphere of domestic upright pianos. They were originally created for the Emu ESI4000 back in 1998. The recordings were made with an MS pair comprising Coles 4038 for the sides and an Audio Technica MB3000L for the middle. The pre amp was an LA Audio MLX20, and the AD was an Echo Layla, the original 20 bit version. Some processing was done in Cubase VST/32 using Waves plugins.

With the limitations of the old Emu sampler removed, you can now enjoy these sounds in 24 bit/ 48kHz, much better than the old Emu. In addition I have reprogrammed the filter settings to achieve a nice timbal dynamic.

Hanson 717 audio demo

Hanson pianoforte- dual layer multisampled upright (pictured) MS miked.
Ladbrooke 717- an out of tune up right recorded with a Sony ECM717 mic.
Hanson 717a, 717b- two different mono and stereo mic pre amps.
Charlie’s piano- a very battered upright recorded in 8 bit.

Download size: 78MB (Kontakt’s built in data compression used).

There are no Steinways here, so you’ll have atmospheric creaky old uprights. The Hansons (pictured) was set up and tuned before sampling, and is multisampled in velocity layers. The Ladbrooke was never tuned-  but it has been used on the Nintendo game “Rubadubdub”! It’s also a favourite of William Coakley’s, creator of the Perfect Piano series of samples.

A new addition is Charlie’s piano. This is a piano that is seriously out of tune, and you will also hear the sounds of domestic activity on some of the notes. Recorded in 8 bit/ 22kHz with a Canon Powershot camera. This is the most atmospheric of all the pianos.

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