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Casio VZ-1 synth: The warmest FM synth ever made. Great sound. I just got the rack version instead, to save space. Very nice action on this board. €150 SOLD

Kawai Q80: Great hardware sequencer. I was gonna use this for gigging because it lets you loop 32 tracks per song. Pretty cool and hands on, I have a different plan now. €50 SOLD

Kawai Q80EX: As above with more memory and 2 MIDI outputs. €130 SOLD

Alesis D4: v 1.01 I have another one, I don’t need two! €50 SOLD

Rotel RCD965BX: Classic Bitstream CD player, built like a tank. €100 SOLD

Columbus Crest: left handed steel string acoustic guitar with pickup. Lovely instrument. Selling coz I’m not a nice guitarist! €100 (No longer for sale, I’ve decided I’m nice after all :)).


New gear- Tapco DI-1A active DI box. It has a 10Megohm input impedance. Haven’t tried it yet, but the spec is good.
Animal Rescue is being rerun on Mondays at 8:30 pm (Tomás did “audio rescue” for the first four episodes)
The Fuchsia band have finished their new song “Cad Fiú” for inclusion on the forthcoming SnaG Ceol ’07 CD.