Fixing stuff

Called to an acquaintance who recently purchased a Fractal Audio Axe FX.

It’s like the modern version of the classic Eventide Harmonizer. He’s using it with a lovely flat top Les Paul and a Fender 2×12 valve amp. As usual the technology did not deliver, so I:
1. Sorted out a dodgy MIDI interface
2. Updated the firmware
3. Got the editor working on his Mac
4. Removed a ground loop on the amp/ effects loop
5. Gain staged it all

He’s using a Behringer FCB1010 pedal board.

We could not get it to merge MIDI with the Mac so that we could edit and use the pedals at the same time. Turns out the software in the pedal has never worked properly (bad Behringer!) but some clever dude has written his own software for it. So next step is to fit that (simples).

So why am I posting this? I’m showing off, but this story also shows how several problems can conspire to create a really annoying situation for a musician who uses technology. However, it’s fun fixing this stuff, and once you get working it’s fabulous. In some ways, it’s the price of pushing the envelope.

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