Vintage samplers

I now have a complete set of sounds from the Emulator II, Fairlight CMI IIx and Fairlight CMI 3. All working in NI Kontakt. The Emulator II ones were converted via EMXP so they’re mapped and modulated just as they were on the original machine. The CMI IIx sounds are far more interesting than the CMI 3.

All these sounds come from disc images, avoiding the original DA conversion. Not authentic, but it gives them a new lease of life. What’s amazing is that some of these were sampled over thirty years ago!

Emulator II
Richard Burmer
OMI Universe of Sound
Emu factory library

Fairlight CMI 3
Prosonus Strings
Prosonus Percussion
Sound Genesis Strings
Prosonus Brass
Complete factory library

Fairlight CMI IIx
Digital Domain version of rev 2.0 library
Mixture of rev 1.0 and rev 2.0 library from disk images (thanks Joe!)
Horizontal productions IIx library converted to series 3

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